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Ok, so one day in on the full release of Eye of the North... and it just keeps getting better.

The major bugbear of the preview, the Hall of Monuments, has been updated, taking into account some of the complaints seen on the forum. Now it seams almost all maxed titles can be displayed, plus indicators for finishing a chapter (even if you haven't cleared the bonuses). The armor display now shows a statue of your character in their 'Ascended' armor. Still don't know about what constitutes a high-end weapon yet, nor whether minipets are still customised to character or to account, but time will tell.

Of the actual game...Mmmm pretty. I've been playing mainly the Norn and Ebon Vanguard quests, both areas are all very pretty. The Ebon Vanguard quests take you deep into Charr lands, which are very much like pre-sear Ascalon; sun drenched rolling hills. I look forward to finding out what Asura lands are like. The quests I've done so far have been fun, and with humour liberally spread throughout (Grawl pheromones anyone?). I'm torn at the moment. Do I want to progress through the story, follow all the side quests, or work on my Norn reputation so I can get the pretty armor. Luckily the reputation requirements have dropped by almost half from the amount required during the preview, but will still be a slog (14,000 to go).

A couple of people in our alliance reached the final story quest yesterday, in less than 24 hours. To my mind that's a little sad. Much as I'm loving the story and want to know what happens next, I'm still revelling in everything else, the scenery, side quests, little features (came across a second group of rabbits and actively flinched. Those of you who found the first rabbits will know why). I still have 17 of the 18 dungeons to complete (Still have 14 dungeons to actually locate) and large swathes of countryside to see.

Aims and objectives:
Finish the story
Reach 26,000 Norn reputation points and buy armor
Complete the dungeons.

In addition to Eye of the North, there's a new challenge appeared across all continents; a journey to hatch a black moa chick. Sadly of all the tasks required all I could currently manage would be to acquire the egg and harden it. Sadly I don't have the rest of the materials, nor most the locations/quests for most the the rest of the requirements.
Requirements can be found here if you're interested


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