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And they're so much fuller than I expected....although to be honest I'm not quite sure what I expected. Experience looks good from the little I've played so far, and rewards reasonable. Yet to finish a mission. Should actually sleep. They'll be there tomorrow.


Nov. 28th, 2007 09:40 pm
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Holly ran through the chests she can reach. (2 Istani, 2 Kournan)
All gold item drops 4k total gain

Hanna did Issnur Isles only
Purple drop, 120g
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...And A number of the major cities are decked out in spooky stuff (although LA has most its NPCs duplicated)

The big new thing is the Costum Brawls. Dress up as one ofthe known NPCs (with pre-set skill bars) and have a mini PVP battles. Sadly there's no choice of which NPC you dress up as (all fem Else become Cynn, all fem Necros are Livia, male Warriors = Lucas...)

So far I've played as Necro (died fast) Ranger (died fast) and Ele. Ele was fun. We had in my team (randomly matched together) 2 ele, 2 warriors and 1 ranger and managed 5 consecutive wins before we were beaten in a close match. Was fun, and I now have more booze for Holly's attempt at Drunkard.

Hela has seen Monument Necro armor, and I'm going to have to grind Vanguard points for her, and earn gold.

Missing my usual play partner. GW seems dead without the regular company


Oct. 7th, 2007 09:23 pm
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Hanna ran through the NF treasures - All purples, no gems, no gold above 800


Oct. 2nd, 2007 05:32 pm
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\o/ Borders had imports of the US-PCGamer Ultimate GuildWars Guide, with Exclusive Mini-Pet unique key inside

\o/ Someone had already nabbed the key from the mag by the time I got home and logged into game

\o/ to PCGamer-US for releasing the mag unsealed, with no security on the code. It's printed clear as day on one of the pages.

I now await a response from, as per their instructions in the smallprint at the bottom of the page

Update: Quick email response back from PCGamer witha working code \o/
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ok, haven't played much GW this week. Life outside of game intruding and all that, but I've still managed to do a fair bit since I last posted.

Holly is one quest away from completing the EotN story arc, although still have most the dungeons to complete on her. Polymock is annoying, and I need to get better pieces...I just seem to be avoiding Asura lands at the moment for some reason. Dinosaurs I think.

On the matter of dungeons... Oola's Lab: Someone really enjoyed watching Office Space

Finally, this weekend there's a 3 times the chance of EotN bosses dropping their green weapons... So I made a quick run through Drakkar Lake. Now considering how many times I went through that zone after Norn rep points when EotN came out with no green drop, it was a surprise to find this on my first Boss of the run

Mmm very pretty, and goes with my Norn armor
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So yesterday I finally hit 26,000 Norn rep points; Enough to unlock the Norn I bought armor for my ranger

Isn't it pretty

Anyway, that was enough grinding for a while. Time to move on with the story... Or I could just stand in the EotN fielding "Is that Norn armor?" from various random players.
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Ok, so one day in on the full release of Eye of the North... and it just keeps getting better.

The major bugbear of the preview, the Hall of Monuments, has been updated, taking into account some of the complaints seen on the forum. Now it seams almost all maxed titles can be displayed, plus indicators for finishing a chapter (even if you haven't cleared the bonuses). The armor display now shows a statue of your character in their 'Ascended' armor. Still don't know about what constitutes a high-end weapon yet, nor whether minipets are still customised to character or to account, but time will tell.

Of the actual game...Mmmm pretty. I've been playing mainly the Norn and Ebon Vanguard quests, both areas are all very pretty. The Ebon Vanguard quests take you deep into Charr lands, which are very much like pre-sear Ascalon; sun drenched rolling hills. I look forward to finding out what Asura lands are like. The quests I've done so far have been fun, and with humour liberally spread throughout (Grawl pheromones anyone?). I'm torn at the moment. Do I want to progress through the story, follow all the side quests, or work on my Norn reputation so I can get the pretty armor. Luckily the reputation requirements have dropped by almost half from the amount required during the preview, but will still be a slog (14,000 to go).

A couple of people in our alliance reached the final story quest yesterday, in less than 24 hours. To my mind that's a little sad. Much as I'm loving the story and want to know what happens next, I'm still revelling in everything else, the scenery, side quests, little features (came across a second group of rabbits and actively flinched. Those of you who found the first rabbits will know why). I still have 17 of the 18 dungeons to complete (Still have 14 dungeons to actually locate) and large swathes of countryside to see.

Aims and objectives:
Finish the story
Reach 26,000 Norn reputation points and buy armor
Complete the dungeons.

In addition to Eye of the North, there's a new challenge appeared across all continents; a journey to hatch a black moa chick. Sadly of all the tasks required all I could currently manage would be to acquire the egg and harden it. Sadly I don't have the rest of the materials, nor most the locations/quests for most the the rest of the requirements.
Requirements can be found here if you're interested
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I've been playing the preview to Guild Wars:Eye of the North, known as GW:EotN, or GW:EN, this weekend. I've been a Guild Wars player for coming up to a year and a half now. I've all the previous chapters, and finished the story arch for each on at least one character. Based on the preview I can say without a doubt I shall be getting GW:EN.

So, thoughts. Well these are based on the preview, with it's limited content, but anyway.

Looks great. We've been able to play some way through the story, have met new characters, seen the start of the plot, and then given hints at the story arcs not yet available. And I love it It's been really fun to follow the story we have so far, and I'm really looking forward to going further.

Unlike previous chapters this is all stuff for level 20 characters, and again it's fun. There are no missions as such, but there are extended quests, tied to the story which are re-playable. What's more, in addition to the story, there are multi-level dungeons, also re-playable. Weave your way through labyrinthine tunnels until you reach the final boss for the chance of a pretty reward. Something to get your teeth into. One thing I had hoped for was dungeons to be accessible from mission hubs, but alas not. Instead you have to trek out from a town or hub to the portal into the dungeon. Still is no great biggie.

Hall of Monuments.
The one thing that was getting really pushed for GW:EN was the Hall of Monuments, a means to record your achievements to carry over for shinies in GW2 when it comes out in approx 2 years. Now the idea is great, but there's some things that perhaps need tweaking, some alterations I'd like to see done. Now I'm not wailing like some of the cry babies on the forums. I'm quite happy with how titles are being displayed. I'm a little put out that the HoM is character based rather than account based, but that's not a major issue.
I would like to know what count's as a "high end" weapon, before it can be displayed, cause I've amassed a pretty collection of fancy weapons, none of which are accepted on the display. Time will tell on that one. The Heroes stand, I can see what they were getting at. Just means I'll have to decide if I can really be bothered to pimp my heroes just for the sake of new shinies in a game not even out yet. And the mini-pet stand... This is the one I'm most put out about how it works, since it's not uncommon for me, like many, to swap minipets between chars for treking about in the world, and I would hate to have to tie a pet to a specific character, so that stand, if nothing else, I'd like account based.
Finally armors... Anet please get it so the stand shows the type of armor you showed the stand, and not just an armor available from the same crafter. When I want to show of my drakescale, I don't really want the stand to display a mesmer battle nightie.
Still is early days yet

It seems the HoM is a big thing... I've certainly said most about it here, and there are pages of people in the forums wailing and gnashing teeth about it, but really, it's but a minor part of the whole, and really, what am I more likely to be doing in-game in the next few years till GW2 comes out, looking at the monuments to my achievements, or going out and playing the game, and gaining more achievements that might add to my documented glory?


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